About Jessica Tweed

Jessica Tweed, founder of the Unparalleled Zenith of Eve

As a 2004 MacEwan University graduate and a member in good standing with the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada Association (NHPC), Jessica has worked with 1,000s of clients, focusing her career on helping to relax and de-stress her clients. She recognizes that many diseases, conditions and chronic issues stem from stress and an unbalanced mind/body connection. Her approach is to couple tension melting techniques with a soothing flow of movement which helps to reset an activated nervous system. Her calm and non-judgmental nature puts clients at ease, providing a safe space for whatever needs to be released during a session, be it physical, mental, or emotional stress. 

Contrary to popular belief, relaxation massage can be therapeutic as it calms an overactive/overstimulated nervous system. Jessica employs flowing techniques that elicit a relaxation response, even when deeper pressure is applied. She tailors every session to her client’s needs in that moment, whether it’s specific pressure with an elbow or soothing broad-handed strokes. Overall, most individuals who have had the pleasure of working with her have fallen asleep on her table or have experienced a zen-like state. And most clients rave after her massages that it was the best massage they’ve ever had – or at least have had in a long time. All of who you are is welcome and accepted on Jessica’s table!

Jessica has received advanced training in Guided Meditation Massage, Aromatherapy, Migraine Disease Treatment, Cupping, and Trauma Integration.

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